Boiler Installation Scotland

Getting a new boiler installed in Scotland is an expensive undertaking. It is important to choose the right boiler for your needs. A boiler which is energy efficient will help you save money on your energy bills and also keep your home warm for longer. A combi boiler, which is compacted with a high efficiency water heater, is also an option. However, these boilers do not suit large properties or households that consume a lot of hot water. The cost of converting from a regular boiler to a combi is also high.

The Scottish government has recently introduced a free boiler grant scheme which can help you replace your old boiler with a new energy efficient model. The scheme is designed to help pensioners who live in Scotland. The grant covers the cost of replacing your old boiler with a new energy efficient boiler and will help to reduce your heating bills.

Boiler installation Scotland Ltd is a Private Limited Company based in Glasgow, Lanarkshire. The company was incorporated on 15 June 2020 and has two active directors. They last submitted confirmation statements on 14 June 2022. The company’s logo and intellectual property are copyrighted. They also own all marketing materials. They do not permit inappropriate use of their logo and materials.

They have an active telephone number, email address, and website. Their registration number is SC664096. They also have a registered office in Glasgow, Lanarkshire. This boiler installation scotland means that they are legally registered. They have also been trading for two years, making them an active company.

They are a small company which means they may be able to offer you a better deal. They also advertise in local newspapers and on TV. However, they will also charge you a fair amount of money for their work. The cost of installing a new boiler in Glasgow is a significant investment so you are best advised to shop around for quotes.

There are several companies that specialise in installing new boilers in Scotland. For instance, The Boiler Exchange is a specialist in new combi boiler installations in Glasgow. They also carry out repairs and other boiler related services. The company is Gas Safe registered and has all of the necessary accreditations.

They have a large network of approved installers located throughout the UK. These installers can carry out the installation of your new boiler as quickly as the next day. They also offer extended warranties and flexible payment options.

If you live in Scotland, you could also qualify for a free boiler grant under the Energy Companies Obligation scheme. This scheme was launched in January 2003 to provide funding to people who are low income to replace old boilers with new ones. The scheme also offers a storage heater grant. It is important to note that you do not qualify for cavity wall insulation, or underfloor insulation if your home is less than two bedrooms.

Lastly, there are several other schemes that you may be eligible for. They include the ECO Scheme, the Energy Companies Obligation scheme, the free boiler scheme, and the Free Boiler in Scotland scheme. If you qualify for any of these schemes, you can apply online.