Can You Study at a University in Canada Or College Without IELTS?

If you’ve ever studied a program at a university or college in Canada, then you’ll notice that it requires Canada without ielts to be accepted. Well, if you know anything at all about higher education in Canada, no IELTS, or any other English-language test recommendation, you probably already know about this fact. But, really, this requirement is mainly for foreign students who aren’t from any of the English-speaking countries. So what is the point of it? And, if you’re not from a Canadian province or territory, what’s the point?

Let me start by answering those questions. First off, the government wants to increase Canada’s economic development. Canada’s high immigration rates and low birth rates are keeping them from getting that. And with this in mind, they want to ensure that they are maximizing the potential of immigrants to Canada by getting them trained in English as a Second Language, English Grammar, or whatever the specific requirements of the specific university are.

A second question that comes up in my mind is whether or not we should require that students take this language test first. In the end, I don’t think so. I believe it is a waste of time, and that by having to take it, they will be less motivated to learn the language or read the materials. And even if they did, they’d be nervous and possibly even embarrassed at having to take this test. It’s just a waste of time and resources that could better be put towards improving the language skills of the immigrants.

Another way that I see this issue being handled in Canada is by having a language proficiency exam that must be passed before the student can be admitted. I understand that there are some issues with getting a language proficiency exam taken first. Some provinces, like British Columbia, have had problems with getting the exam recognized. Others, like Ontario, have had problems with students taking it and not having any sort of English language proficiency. before they can apply for admission. So, I don’t believe the government would want to use that method unless the situation really calls for it.

So, is it possible to study at a university in Canada or college without taking the IELTS? or any other English language test recommendation? in the first place?

Absolutely. There are programs out there that do not require that. However, there is a bit of a catch, and the catch is that most of the programs that do not require a specific exam take a while before they are ready to give out a letter of acceptance. You can find out more about programs out there on the web. Or better yet, go online and look up a list of Canada universities and colleges that do not require an IELTS.