Choosing the Best Camping Games For Kids

Best camping games for kids

When planning a family camping trip one of the best things to do is to make sure that your kids have the best opportunity to have fun. One way to do this is to ensure that you have some great camping games planned and ready to go. It is easy to simply choose from a wide variety of games on offer, but if you want to ensure that your child has as much fun as possible as there are some key factors that you really need to pay attention to. It’s important to remember that children can be easily bored so you really need to find some great ideas for camping games for kids that are going to keep their minds and bodies entertained. Here are a few suggestions:

One of the best camping games for kids that you could have your children play during a family camping trip is a scavenger hunt. Kids love scavenger hunts and it’s a fact that they really are good for them. Children learn a lot by participating in different types of scavenger hunts and adults often learn as well. Not only that, but kids will love to get all of the rewards and prizes that are handed out at the end of the hunt!

One of the other fun games that you can have with your kids while on a family camping trip is a pin the tail on the donkey game. This is best played at an actual campsite, as this will allow little ones to experience what it’s like to hide and go seek in the wild. However, it can easily be adapted to almost any location. All you need to do is simply have the kids wear something loose such as a pair of shorts or some cotton trousers. You then encourage them to put the tail on a donkey. Then you have to go around the campsite with the kids pinning the tail on the donkey and have them point towards a certain area where there is a donkey hanging out.

Another one of the camping games for kids that adults can enjoy is a treasure hunt. You can make this up as you please. The basis of the game is to find a hidden item and this is best done while camping as you can hide it from your child. Kids love to find things and parents love to see their children happy. If you’re camping out at a beach or in the woods, a game of treasure hunting may be just what the doctor ordered.

Lastly, another fun camping trip activity that you can incorporate into your trip is a Frisbee game. You can either make it up as you go or you can buy a commercially available Frisbee. Either way, kids love playing with these! Once again, you’ll want to make sure that your campsite has a lake or other body of water nearby for them to play in. Then when you bring them out for the game you’ll be able to throw the Frisbee as far as possible and have them get the highest score!

As you can see, there are many different types of camping games for kids that are available. When choosing games for kids, be sure to look at the quality of the materials they are made out of as well as how well the game is played. You don’t want to get stuck playing games that your kid will quickly lose interest in.