Domestic Violence Legal Defense

If you have been charged with domestic violence, it is important to seek legal counsel immediately. You need a lawyer with experience and expertise in this area of law to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your case.

Having an assault charge against you can be a devastating blow to your reputation and your life. It can have serious ramifications in your job and your home life, and it may lead to the loss of your social and family connections. Moreover, it can have a lasting impact on your physical and mental health as well.

A Calgary domestic violence lawyer can help you navigate this difficult situation, and make sure that you are given the opportunity to put your case together properly. A skilled defence lawyer will be able to uncover issues with the police investigation and ensure that any errors made by the police are pointed out to the court, which can lead to charges being dropped.

It is not uncommon for a domestic dispute to result in a criminal charge against a person. These incidents are usually triggered by arguments between two people in a relationship and can sometimes end with one party being arrested.

The police are generally called to a domestic complaint when the complainant, a relative or neighbour of the accused, calls to report a dispute that has occurred between them. Typically, the caller is seeking an immediate resolution of the issue and does not necessarily want to have a person charged with a crime.

Once a domestic complaint is received, the police will conduct an investigation and may request a written or audio statement from the complainant or any other witnesses. From there, they will begin collecting evidence in order to charge the alleged offender with a criminal offence.

In most cases, this means a thorough investigation that involves interviewing the complainant and other witnesses, reviewing any surveillance video, examining any weapons that are seized, and taking photographs of any injuries. Additionally, the police will also gather medical documents and obtain reports relating to the alleged victim’s injuries.

Often, domestic violence charges are resolved through a Peace Bond. This involves an agreement between the Crown prosecutor and a defendant that the defendant will be on good behaviour for a period of time (typically one year). The conditions of the bond include things like no-contact with the alleged victim, counselling, and a requirement to attend regular court hearings.

A domestic violence lawyer will work with you to negotiate a peace bond and other pre-trial solutions outside of the courtroom. These solutions are especially helpful if you have a simple assault charge that does not involve any injury to the victim.

This may allow you to avoid jail time and a criminal record, but it can still be a stressful and difficult process. It is crucial to speak with a criminal defence lawyer right away in order to ensure that you are not unfairly punished for an allegation of domestic violence.