Gifts For Football Lovers

Football Lovers debate that David Beckham and Wayne Rooney are the best Footballers ever. Both have so much success already in their own sport, winning tons of trophies, scoring thousands of goals and making huge stacks of personal accolades for themselves. But Football Lovers at a desperate attempt to figure out who’s the better of the duo perennially look into how those two superstars arrived to be the best Footballers of all time and provide some historical and stylistic scrutiny of each one as well. Who knows, maybe they are the next Pele or Maradona. Or maybe they’re not…

David Beckham was thrust into the limelight after signing for Milan and immediately made himself an international superstar. He’s been an absolutely sensational star ever since, latching on in Italy and then doing it in Spain and England. Now, he’s on his way to becoming the best Footballer ever, with the MLS title to his credit and being named the MLS player of the month for both April and May. So how did he get where he is? And how does he stack up to other Football Lovers who have also been at the top of their game and got the highest projected job growth through three major league teams?

Let’s start by comparing David Beckham to Pele. Pele was, in fact, considered as the greatest Footballer of all time. But despite being a Football Hall of Famer and a national hero, Pele didn’t win the most titles, nor did he win the most international Cups. Instead, he ended up winning just about everything else, which makes his trophy case pretty tall. David Beckham, meanwhile, has won the MLS title twice and is widely considered the best player of this generation. But despite this, some soccer fans still consider Beckham to be a great player, a born gem that will take this sport to even greater heights.

But how about compared to other great Footballers? You’ve probably noticed that they all seem to have an aura of magnetism about them that draws in crowds, gets the most attention and generates interest. Beckham may not be the biggest or the flashiest, but he plays a good game and is well-known for bringing a unique attitude to a team and on a personal level as well. Pele, too, had a similar aura, drawing a huge amount of fans and attention to himself, and generating interest from many different people. But what makes David Beckham stands out?

In this regard, the real reason why David Beckham is considered to be a Football Lovers’ favorite, is because of his on-field magnetism. It’s not only because he plays for his favorite team, but because of the manner in which he carries himself, the way in which he dives into the opposing box to score and also the way in which he carries himself off the field. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t work hard, but his work ethic is something that fans appreciate – especially when he shows up wearing the number 24. He works hard, but not just to play his heart out on the field – he works hard off the field, enjoying the game as much as the fans do.

So whether or not you are Football Lovers, there is a special gift idea for you out there. Whether you’re a young fan or a senior in high school or college, there is a gift available for you. David Beckham is a football fan’s favorite, and there is no gift like that. Football gifts are often given to show a person that you care about their favorite sport, and there is no better way to show a person that they are loved than with a Football Lovers’ gift. There is no way that a gift can say more than this – “I care about you and appreciate everything you do”