How to Use the Activity Map to Fine-Tune Your Website

The Activity Map is a way to see how your website is performing. You can use the map to see how customers move through your site, and it can help you make informed decisions about your digital properties. It also allows you to fine-tune your site so that users have a good experience.

The Activity Map is free and comes with Adobe Analytics. However, if you want more advanced tools, there are also other platforms available. While the Map is relatively easy to implement, it doesn’t have some of the features that more sophisticated analytics platforms offer. In addition, it is not as customizable as those options. But the Map is a great way to understand how your site is performing, and you can take advantage of many time-saving features.

With the Activity Map, you can overlay important information directly on your webpage. For example, you can view which link or page was last visited by a customer. When you click on a link, you can see the name of the page and the URL. This enables you to see how well the page is performing, and it can help you decide whether it is worth spending more resources to improve it.

You can also customize your activity map using trigger events. These events enable you to select customers based on their actions. Once you create your trigger events, you can edit the The Activity Map attributes of those events to specify when they happen. By clicking on the event, you can also change the occurrence or time period for the event.

Another option is to add a second path to your map. This allows you to display an advertisement in a web page, or it can even deliver a coupon via email. Each path has its own relationship to the path that precedes it. As you add more paths, you can view how the flow of traffic is shaped.

You can also add more tasks to your activity. If you add a task that has already been published, you’ll be prompted to make a copy. After you’ve added a task, you can add up to five more tasks.

Adding more tasks to your activity can help you visualize how traffic flows through your website. Also, it can help you to identify which activities are orphans. That way, you can add additional tasks to an activity if the customer doesn’t meet your primary metric.

Another option is to add filters. Filters can be used to exclude certain devices or conditions from the map. One of the filters is called the “Days to SLA” filter. If you have a set number of days before a metric is due, you can add a filter to determine when that metric will be reached.

In addition, you can use the Activity Map to toggle to a dark mode. This will eliminate some of the color, and you’ll be able to see more of the information. Other features include importing and exporting activities.