Pine & Iron Axe Throwing

NEW HAVEN – Entertainment options in the New Haven area will take a giant leap in 2020 with the opening of Pine and Iron Axe Throwing. According to Cassie Butler, manager of Pine and Iron, the venue will be able to accommodate approximately 100 guests, providing plenty of room for the many activities that can be hosted at the venue.

The venue has already been planned out, and it is being constructed on land owned by the New Jersey Department of Transportation. The venue is expected to open its doors for its first events on April 14th, which will coincide with a major biking event in the area. The space will be decorated with bright orange flags, banners. The venue will also feature a beer and wine bar, so it will be possible for guests to enjoy food, drinks and entertainment while they are enjoying the events.

As previously announced, the Axe will feature live music. Cassie said that she has lined up some very talented musicians and singers that will be performing during the events. She was unable to give any information as to who the performers would be, but did say that they were all professional musicians and singers. Cassie said that they were also looking for female vocals and they have been in touch with a number of different performers.

The Axe will feature the usual activities that you would expect at an outdoor sporting and entertainment facility. It will be possible for guests to purchase food, drink and snacks on site. Cassie said that they plan to make the entire event a family affair, but also plan to take guests to other venues in New Jersey and New York during their stay. Cassie did not offer a timeline, but said that they hope to have guests arrive in time to participate in all the events and activities scheduled for the venue.

A large outdoor stage will be located next to the Axe for live entertainment. A giant flagpole, or maybe even a statue of the Iron Axe will be placed on the stage for fans to watch as they listen to live music. The stage will be positioned between the arena and the parking lot of the venue, which allows guests to easily park their vehicles near the stage, and walk into the venue.

Cassie said that a complete video and photographic package will be available as part of a tour package at the venue for guests who wish to attend Pine & Iron throwing. This tour package will include a video of the venue, a look at some of the food and beverage offerings, a view of the live stage, and a behind the scenes look at the music and entertainment, as well as pictures. Cassie confirmed that the Axe will be available for special tours throughout the event and the rest of the year, as well as tickets that will allow guests to experience the venue’s events before they are offered to the general public.