Professional’s Advice on DIY HVAC Maintenance

When an air conditioning system or other heating and cooling system malfunctions, homeowners are often quick to reach for their DIY tools. However, there are some tasks that should be left to professionals to ensure that your HVAC equipment is safe and working as it should.

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make is calling an HVAC technician when they notice irregularities with their home’s temperature. Many times, these issues are a result of an unclean or clogged air filter. A clean or new filter allows the system to work more efficiently and reduces energy costs.

Another DIY task that homeowners can easily perform is changing their filters regularly. The air filter is the first line of defense against dust and allergens that can damage mechanical parts and shorten an HVAC unit’s lifespan. Homeowners can replace the filter once a month or as needed to prevent it from becoming too dirty.

In addition to replacing or cleaning the filter, it is important to keep the outdoor unit free from debris and weeds that can block the unit from functioning properly. Homeowners should power off the unit before attempting to clear it of debris with a vacuum or a hose that has a nozzle attachment. They should also cut back any bushes or plants that are touching the unit.

Blocked ducts can also cause HVAC problems for a homeowner’s Professional’s Advice on DIY HVAC Maintenance by Progressive Heating and Air home. This is because air is unable to flow through the ducts and into the house as it should, causing inefficient cooling. Homeowners can remove any duct covers and vacuum out the ducts with a hose. They should also check the ducts for any signs of leaks and call a professional to fix any problems.

Fans are another great tool for homeowners to use to help their HVAC systems work as efficiently as possible. They can help cool down a house quickly in the summer and circulate the air to keep it warm and comfortable in the winter. However, using fans too often can cause the HVAC system to become overworked and lead to malfunctions or wear down quickly.

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