Scarborough Playground Canopies

With its beach setting and aptly named Pirate Park, this playground in Scarborough will ignite the imaginations of Brisbane Kids. Children will be able to climb aboard the ‘Calypso Pirate Ship’ and scan the seas for other pirates or simply run around on the sand, build castles or pretend they are swimming in the ocean!

The fenced playground features traditional play equipment and two themed areas – Railway Place and Pirate Park. There is also a large Cotton Tree Forest, full of gnarled cotton trees that provide exciting climbing practice for Brisbane Kids.

This unique and innovative play area was recently opened playground canopies scarborough as part of the South Cliff Gardens regeneration project. It includes a series of ingenious treetop nest structures connected by rope bridges, slides, nets and other climbing equipment. The elf-like creatures who inhabit this treetop kingdom are eager to interact with children and have been inspired to create new experiences for visitors. This is included in a gardens ticket and is sure to delight children of all ages!

Another great feature of this neighbourhood park in Scarborough is its large open spaces that are perfect for picnicking and family gatherings. There are several tables and benches inside the fenced area as well as shelters that feature electric barbeques for families to use.

A special addition to this park is the beautiful ‘Gollum Tree’, which is said to be the tree that Gollum (from Lord of the Rings) lives in. This quirky tree is adorned with an intriguing door and has become a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Many schools lack outdoor space for students to enjoy during breaks and lessons, and this is an issue that can be solved with a bespoke canopy. School canopies offer protection from the weather, allowing students to spend more time outside and improving their learning and development.

An additional benefit of using a school canopy is that it can be used to protect and preserve MUGA spaces. This will help to prevent sun damage and deterioration of the surface, ensuring it can be used year-round by students of all ages.

Adding a canopy to any backyard garden can be an excellent way to increase the amount of shade available to your yard. This can be a great benefit to any homeowner in Scarborough looking to cut down on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. This is especially important for homeowners with smaller yards that do not have the space for large shade trees. A custom canopy from ShadeFX can be a fantastic solution for this problem and is an affordable option for any backyard.